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August 21, 2012



I get it…….you love your team. Just say “I Love my team, screw all the problems, I support them”. But to sit there like you know more about football than everyone else while you use HYPE as FACT is goofy. I am a Steeler fan, but the

Steeler QB is a moron, the offense has been sketchy at best and the CBs for the Steelers are atrocious. They lost to the worst QB in the league last year in the playoffs (maybe the second-worst behind Sanchez).


So which is it? Does preseason count or not? The Jets offense is miserable but that doesn’t count beacuse it is preseason. But the Jets defense hasn’t given up a TD but that counts in preseason? Which is it.


I have given you plenty of facts, you choose to ignore them. I base nothing on preseason. I asked have you watched the last three years? Facts:


Sanchez had a great season when? His completion percentages: 53, 55, 58%. Below average. His TD/INT 55/51. Below average. His yards per completion near the bottom of the league. Once again………below average. How many pro QBs had color charts to tell them when to throw the ball: GREEN MEANS THROW. RED MEANS NO. LOL. Seriously? Would your head coach run the wildcat if your QB was any good? Do you see Brady or Manning running wildcat? No……cuz they are good. Do you see Brees running wildcat…… Rodgers……….no.  Matt Ryan even………no.


Defense gave up 22 points per game last year. I don’t care about being 5th in total defense because the scoreboard doesn’t show who won or lost by how many yards the defense gave up. Points given up is the key and they are not elite. I will admit some of the points given up by Sanchez throwing pick 6’s probably skewed their defense’s points totals, but 22 points per game?


Rex Ryan’s career record is 28-20 as a head coach. That is not elite. Set aside the 11-5 season and they have a 8-8 and 9-7. And with that toxic environment he has cultivated, he will be gone soon. The only thing that will save him after this 5-11 season is if the seats are still full because of Tebow taking over the offense and running the Jesus Wishbone from week 7 until the end of the season. Guys like Mike Smith, Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh all have better records as new coaches, but don’t get all the media Rex Ryan does……..cuz they aren’t crazy loudmouths always popping off in the press. Crazy coach. Crazy team. JETS MESS.


The media created the Jets headlines? The media made the CB an idiot and proclaimed him the 2nd best WR on the team? The media benched Santonio Holmes for fighting with the QB in the huddle of a game they needed in order to make the playoffs? The media made the 3rd string QB blast the toxic environment? The media made up the head coach’s foot fetish video?? Be serious.


After your rant about southerners……are you 10 years old? Did someone with a southern accent steal your girlfriend or job? Do you have an inferiority complex? Are you between gigs at Dairy Queen and the Movie Theater? FAN is short for FANATIC and you are definitely one. I tell you what, between rounds of World of Warcraft you can load up on your 4th Big Gulp cup of Monster or RockStar and draft some crafty response that includes a racial or homosexual rant. Maybe you can even throw in a cleverly crafted expletive using $%%^&&. The good thing is the season will begin soon and the Jets will crash and burn..again. You better go now, the new Dungeons and Dragons 2012 Video Game is coming out. Go borrow some money from your mom and get your Lord of The Rings Sleeping Bag out and get in line at Best Buy.


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